Electronics workshop

FOE Assignment Database

The Faculty of Engineering Assignment Database provides staff and students with information on student assignments. Students from all departments can use the system to produce the required coversheets for assignment hand-in using this URL.

Students click here to log in

Once logged in you can print out coversheets for your assignments. All assignments handed in to any department in the Faculty of Engineering must have a barcoded coversheet. After you have logged in a list of all assignments that can be handed in will be shown. To see a list of all assignments in the system click the link under the list. It is important that the barcodes printed to a good quality and that the barcodes are not distorted or resized. to ensure the barcodes are of a sufficient standard please follow the simple guidelines below:
  • Print all coversheets on a good quality laser printer. Most university owned laser printers will be of sufficient standard.
  • Do not save the coversheet or import into a word processing document. This can scale the barcode and make it unreadable. Generate the coversheet at the time of printing.
  • If you need to generate the barcode on one computer and print it at another then generate the coversheet and "print to pdf". The pdf document can then be saved and moved to another computer.

For support please contact foe-coversheet@sheffield.ac.uk in the CPE electronics workshop.