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FOE Assignment Database

The Faculty of Engineering Assignment Database provides staff and students with information on student assignments. Students from all departments can use the system to produce the required coversheets for assignment hand-in using this URL.

Staff can use the links on the right to download support material. To log into the system as a member of staff then please use the links below
Chemical and Process Engineering
Civil and Structural Engineering
Computer Science
Engineering Materials
Mechanical Engineering
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Engineering

For support please contact Mark McIntosh at m.mcintosh@sheffield.ac.uk in the CPE electronics workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs may provide quick answers to some questions. For a more comprehensive guide please download the manual using the link on the right.

How do I add a new assignment?

Click "List Modules" from the row along the top of the page. Select the module you wish to add the assignment to. Click the "Add a new assignment" link under the list of assignments.

When do I need to assign students groups?

Students will only need to be assigned different groups if they will be handing in the same assignment on different dates. If all students have the same deadline then it is unnecessary to assign them to different groups.

How do I delete information added to the system?

Most information added to the system can be edited by most users. However, some data is integral to the correct operation of the system and will need to be edited or deleted by support staff. Support staff can be contacted as stated above. Information that cannot be edited by the user includes:
  • assignment scan dates/times
  • assignment group data
  • modules and assignments can be edited but not deleted by users

Can I arrange the information displayed in alphabetical order?

Click on the heading of a column to arrange the information in that column alphabetically. Clicking again will arrange the information in reverse-alphabetical order. Using the "create report" function will create the report in the order shown on-screen.

How do I add/drop a student from specific modules?

Individual students can be added to or dropped from specific modules by accessing the student information page and clicking the "Add/Drop Modules" link. Student information pages can be accessed by searching for the student registration number using the search bar or by clicking on a module the student is registered to and then clicking on the student registration number.

When should I upload student data to the system?

Student data should be uploaded from CIES towards the start of the academic year. It may be beneficial to wait until after the add/drop period to minimise the number of add/drops that will need to be done manually. If students have the opportunity to add/drop at the start of each semester it may be necessary to upload data from CIES towards the start of every semester.